STK FAN 斯翠可電子

About STK

We Have Best Thermal Solution

We provide flexible and high efficiency service for customer.

“Strikefan Electronic Co., Ltd 斯翠可電子股份有限公司 ” established in 2005 ,is a high-tech AC/DC cooling fan company providing core service for thermal solutions with professional technology, R&D, integration and distributing and marketing.
With factories based on Taiwan and China, high quality products, practical application designs, dedicated services and long term relationship customers around the world, Strikefan own brand “STK” has been introduced to satisfy all kind of cooling fan markets with its rich experience.
Target on “the leading service provider in integrated thermal information technology” and vision of creating the optimized benefits and best quality for our customers “, Strikefan has developed a leading technology for its copper tube design that can be applied in many industries in need of high efficiency.
To understand the market needs/ trends and provide timely service, Strikefan has enthusiastic and skillful partners and distributing agents in Taiwan, China, Korea, Europe, Singapore, India.
Our excellent cooling products are widely used in various industries, such as industry 4.0, 5G telecom, home appliances, medical equipment, entertainment, energy saving, etc.