STK FAN 斯翠可電子

Factory Process


Material Inspection

Ball True Circle Test

MOS Tester

Terminal Tension Meter

Leakage Tester

Salt Spray Test Machine

Vibration Test Bench

High And Low Temperature

Environmental Test Bench

Factory Production Line

The fan blade is also 100% balanced.
Through the processes of Production line magnetization, Stator assembly, Desoldering, Assembly, Automatic winding machine, Semi-automatic winding machine. The last stop of the finished product, which is 100% energized test in a semi-anechoic room.

Our Professional Equipment

WRB Bearing Machine is combine two advantages long acting hydraulic and maglev design. We named it ‘’ WRB pressure bearing‘’ .
Silent Chamber

Acoustic Testing Laboratory
Background Noise-14.1DB

Wind Tunnel Laboratory

Package and Storage

The outer box of the package has a special handle design on both sides. This design prevents goods from falling during transmission.